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Chemical Services


Watercare Mining has been supplying water-treatment chemicals and services for the past 30 years. Treatment spans established processes as well as client specific requirements.... Read More

We supply a range of water-treatment chemicals and services, in the following fields :

Single Source Solutions


A complete range of Single Source Solutions are available, designed and manufactured to the particular application, and use the most appropriate and leading-edge technology for the quality of feedwater, to make it fit-for-purpose for the application...Read More

We supply a range of Single Source Solutions in the following fields :

Engineering Operations & Management


Our clients desire is to concentrate on their core business e.g. mining, and in many instances, choose to outsource the building, operation and maintenance of any water-treatment plants they may already have or plan to build...Read More

We supply Plant and Operations Management:

Industry Water
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The company is a reputable water treatment chemical and engineering solutions provider, that has been in existence for over 32 years.

Watercare Mining is a South African based water purification supplier, delivering tailor-made solutions in the fields of water treatment chemicals, and engineered plants such as potable and waste-water purification plants. The company also offers a wide range of solid-liquid separation technologies and filtration solutions, tailored to make any water stream fit for purpose.

The company’s overall mission to clients is to enhance their plant performance through the application of selected engineering, chemical and service solutions that ultimately result in providing measurable benefits in overall energy, water and process efficiencies, as well as water re-use together with a reduced environmental impact. We have a different approach to our competitors by looking  beyond just treatment of a water stream, instead making a holistic appraisal of all plant conditions surrounding the water system leading to an all-encompassing solution that includes tailor-made engineering-plants and the application of best-suited chemical solutions. Numerous client references as proof of this novel approach are available.

Thus the three pillars on which Watercare Mining’s reputation is based are Chemical Services, Plant Operation And Maintenance, and Single Source Solutions. Both conventional and non conventional solutions are available, including a patented revolutionary vacuum belt filter that sets new standards in footprint size and troublesome fines removal in various metallurgical and industrial processes. A patented high rate settler has also been developed that drastically reduces footprint size in comparison with conventional settlers, which in underground applications translates to large savings in space-cost.

The company is active in many African countries and recently has begun moving into other overseas markets.

Whether optimizing a water process, building and commissioning a water treatment plant, or managing a complex operation, Watercare mining will exceed our client’s expectations with our professional, cost effective approach to solution based engineering.


Watercare Mining is committed to meeting and exceeding the following objectives, as a means of maintaining and developing our relationships with our clients:

To work in full partnership with our clients in the mining, minerals and resources industry, whether surface or underground operations, and improve their process profitability and always be determined to execute on our commitments.

To continuously improve our solutions and services to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

To form long lasting partnerships with our clients, employees and suppliers and encourage a high level of communication and cooperation.

To educate our clients with our latest technology developments.

To get it right the first time so as to ensure continuing relationships with our existing clients.

To ensure financial stability and profitability


To pursue all tasks with dedication and enthusiasm through the judicious application of practical, effective and innovative technology, designed to achieve predetermined objectives and performance.

To commit ourselves to respect water as a vital source of life, and to be mindful of how we treat it to achieve long-term sustainability. We also aim to lower the Cost of Ownership of applied water-treatment technologies, in all the engineered plants we supply.

To hold strong our environmental awareness, trust, honesty, respect, dignity and transparency.

To uphold our zero-harm policy, whilst maintaining the quality of work produced, driving sustainability and protecting our environment.

To always operate at a high level of professionalism and integrity.


To be respected and acknowledged as a technically capable and innovative solution provider to the mining, minerals and resources industry.

Consistent commitment to innovative design principles, which enables our clients to responsibly maximize the realization of their operation.

To continually invest in resources, research and development to further expand our solution offering.

Expand our network of clients in all major mining countries throughout the world.

Be the industry leader in cutting edge technology and processes within our fields of expertise.