The ION2 PRC was developed to extract sludge build-up from dams and reservoirs. Sludge build-up causes a loss of storage capacity and can damage pumps and equipment downstream of affected dams. The system can be used while the dam or reservoir is on-line without affecting normal operations.

Dilute slurry is extracted from the bottom of the reservoir, solids are filtered from the stream and the clean water is returned to the system. The clean water is used to drive the extraction system and to move solids towards the extraction point. The filtered solids are dewatered in a plate and frame press.

The ION2 PRC system does not use bags or other filters with finite dirt holding capacity. The problems that conventional bag- or sand slip stream filtration systems experience under high solids loads are circumvented.


• On-line cleaning system.
• Reduced down-time and overtime for cleaning dams and reservoirs.
• Potential for recovery of valuable materials.
• Dewatered product in cake form.
• Prevents loss of capacity.
• Safer operations: Reduces the frequency of confined space entry.
• Prevents damage to pumps and down-stream equipment.
• Safe cleaning of lined dams.
• Maintains clean cooling system sumps.
• Reduces potential for bacterial contamination of cooling and potable water systems due to hide out and regrowth in sludge.
• Unlike in sand filtration systems, the PRC filters do not act as a breeding ground for bacteria.