We visit scores of underground settlers, surface clarifiers and thickeners on a daily basis. We experience the best and worst of the industry and in many instances have to operate, repair and maintain systems which do not perform optimally due to design, maintenance or operational flaws. The experience allowed us to develop an efficient de-gritting system with a small footprint which can be designed site specific if required. The system obviates the need for the construction of dams which requires extended underground space and costly civil work. A winch is not required as in conventional de-gritting systems adding to safety of operation. The unique hydraulic design of the system classifies the dirty water feed to a settling system into grit carrying and grit free streams followed by dewatering of the grit carrying stream.


• Small Installation footprint
• Minimal civil work required
• Bolted construction
• Safety and ease of operation
• High load capability
• Site specific design
• Low maintenance