We identified the need for a reliable potable supply unit that could be used in remote underground locations. As a result the Coolquench range of point-of-use potable units were developed.


• Converts dirty water, such as mine service water, into safe drinking water.
• Capital intensive potable water reticulation systems are avoided.
• Prevents misuse of potable supply networks and reduces regional water reliance.
• Standard sizes ranges from 40l/hour to 300l/hour. Larger sizes can be custom designed.
• Ideal for remote locations.
• Removes all harmful elements from feed water.
• Units can be mounted on rolling stock for mobility. Fixed installations are easily relocated.
• The standard design accommodates feed pressure of 4 to 20 bar. Units for higher feed pressure can be custom designed.
• The potable product water can be chilled by either using chilled service water, or with a dedicated chiller unit.
• Materials of construction are corrosion resistant for hygiene, robustness and longevity.
• Potable units are supplied with the option of a service plant to ensure long term performance.