Our range of ION2 RCF “down flow” Cartridge filters are designed to be modular to give greater flexibility during the design and selection process. The units are installed under negative pressure with the air entering immediately into a drop out box, which allows the larger particulate to drop into the outlet hopper. Deflector plates ensure even distribution of the entering air over the filter media surfaces. Due to the large filter surface areas the units have a much smaller footprint than bag filters for the same volume of air. Additionally the lower filtration velocities ensure a much higher filtering efficiency. The units can be fitted with our Vortex inlet manifold (VM) to facilitate the cyclonic pre-filtration of entering air. The manifold has no moving parts, requires no additional space and will remove up to 90% of the >30micron particulate thus reducing the dust load on the cartridge filter and increasing performance and longevity.


Features: *

•    Air Volumes from 0.75 m3/s to 30 m3/s
•    99.97% efficiency at 0.5 micron
•    Modular, interchangeable components
•    Easy access system for cartridge installation / removal
•    Automatic on-line or off-line reverse pulse cleaning
•    Various filter media materials - application specific
•    Various materials of construction - application specific
•    Small footprint
•    Can be supplied with VM series pre-filter

* Each system is unique and pre-engineered to ensure compliance with specifications and requirements.