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Watercare Mining operates and maintains a range of advanced water treatment plants on numerous mines in South Africa. Every day we treat in excess of 70 million liters of mine impacted water, and produce SANS compliant potable water, as well as environmentally friendly discharge and waste. Some of the plants are were built, installed and are owned by Watercare Mining.

Watercare Mining has built, installed and maintains numerous chilled water units in underground mining operations. These units are fed with mine service water, purified and chilled to provide miners with potable water as per SANS specification.

Watercare Mining has installed BASK belt filters on various coal mines in South Africa. These machines are critical to the environment as they prevent discharge of waste slurry into the environment.

Watercare Mining operates and supplies chemicals to the majority of Gold, Platinum and ferrochrome mines in South Africa.

Watercare Mining has supplied our Patented High Rate Settlers in mining operations throughout Africa. Our settlers considerably reduce initial capex and installation period for underground dirty water handling systems.

Watercare Mining has a range of ground breaking patented water treatment processes, proving our commitment to technology advancement in the water industry.

Watercare Mining has grown the company, year on year, due to our commitment of treating our clients with respect, integrity and complete attention to there operations at all time.

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