Background and Team

The Watercare Mining team has been active in the care of water in mining and industry for over 35 years. Its' sphere of activity covers the chemical conditioning of water coupled to the operation and maintenance of process systems. The company has benchmarked the water treatment service industry. Its experience, innovative and responsive technical personnel have positioned Watercare Mining in a unique position to provide a package of services and solutions, both chemical and technical. Where applicable, Watercare Mining entered into strategic alliances to expand its capabilities, especially in deep level mining applications. The strategic partnerships enabled Watercare Mining to take on projects in diverse fields


Our Objectives

In Mining and Industry, on surface or underground, Watercare Mining’s objectives remain the same: To work in full partnership with our clients to improve their process profitability and always be determined to execute on commitments. Together we add value to water.



To pursue all tasks with enthusiasm applying practical, effective and proven technology to achieve predetermined objectives and performances. We promise to respect water as a source of life and to be mindful of how we treat it and use it.



To be respected and acknowledged as a technically capable and innovative service provider of choice in the water treatment industry.


Health and Safety

Watercare Mining has a zero harm policy. A stringent health and safety policy is employed.


Training and Personnel

Watercare Mining has invested significantly in the training of all and its personnel and holds racial and gender equality as core policy.


Ownership & Investment

Watercare Mining is privately owned by individuals who are passionate about the water treatment industry and who treasure the values of transparency and honesty. Our growth is fuelled by our passion and extraordinary spend on training, research and development.


Core Values

Environmental Awareness
Respect of Individual Dignity